Sandi Burchfield is a licensed marriage and family therapist who has the desire and passion to see young people grow into successful and healthy adults.  She knows that this starts at home.  Strong parents build strong children.  Strong children build strong families.  Strong families build strong communities and schools.  Strong communities can change the atmosphere of the city and in turn change society.  The world can radically change by being supportive of one parent, one couple, one child.

 Sandi has worked with teenagers and children for 20 yrs.  She began her career with Dept of Juvenile Justice and working with juvenile delinquents from the inner city of Tampa, FL.  She went on to become a child protective investigator and foster care social worker for Dept of Children and Families, specifically working with the teenagers and runaways.  It was during this time that she realized that all children regardless of where they live and who they have lived with, all have dreams and desires and need someone to believe in them.

As Sandi was pursuing her graduate degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, she worked as an Early Intervention Specialist with Early Steps at Arnold Palmer Hospital, a very different field of infant child psychology.  Early Intervention is based on the core belief that if children with severe developmental disabilities and autism are treated and supported early in life, they can overcome many of their challenges and live a full and well-balanced life.  She has seen this belief become validated over and over, as she worked in the school system and saw many of these very young children enter kindergarten in mainstream and never have to go to a special school or a self-contained classroom.

These early experiences have helped Sandi to be able to empower parents to learn the extreme power and influence they have with their children being able to overcome any challenges or traumatic experiences they face.  Sandi has worked with hundreds of couples to find healing, restoration, and rebuild trust not only in themselves, but each other.  When adults are able to address their fears, anxieties, and hangups, then they are better able to have healthy relationships with their family, friends, and children.
Throughout the last 2 decades, Sandi has supported numerous teenagers, not only in her position as a therapist, but also as a youth pastor, alongside her husband for 10 yrs, and as a high school football coach’s wife for the last 14 yrs.  She and her husband live among the teenagers and their fast paced lifestyle, helping families learn how to handle the turbulent transition between childhood and adulthood.

Sandi has 4 bio children of her own, ranging from 3 yrs – 12 yrs old.  She and her husband also have 2 foster children.  She understands firsthand, what it is like to live in world where 2 parents work and have a house full of children.  She has been in your shoes.  Sandi is no different than any other woman.  If she can show you that you have a purpose and can live a life full of joy, then she has done her job as a therapist.